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Baseball News, Great Baseball Trivia To Answer And Show Off Your Knowledge

Author: Dr. James Dazouloute

Baseball News, Great Baseball Trivia To Answer And Show Off Your Knowledge

Baseball news I give to you along with a great baseball trivia that include 10 questions. And if you can answer all 10 correctly, I will recognize you as one of Baseball Great Masters. So show to me that you are a true baseball fanatic, and show off your knowledge to the world. So let us begin.

1. Who tied the major league record of Dale Long and Don Mattingly when he hit a home run in each of eight consecutive games?

2. Name the first baseman who had 100 R B I seasons his first two years in the majors?.

3. Which pitcher won Cy Young awards in back - to - back seasons?.

4. Name the Pitcher who threw a perfect game in 1994?.

5. Can you name the Oakland A pitcher who once won 12 games in a row with another team?.

6. Can you tell me the name of the Twin Pitcher who threw a perfect game in 1994?.

7. What Baseball player who went into the 1995 season had led the Brewers in home runs four years in a row?.

8. Can you pinpoint the certain Hall of Famer who going into the 1995 season had been on the roster of five different organizations in five years?.

9. Tell me the Pitcher ' s name who was 35-10 in 1993-94?.

10.Who is the former Seton Hall player who led the American League with 20 intentional walks in 1994?

My dear reader, Baseball is the great american Pasttime and will continue to be for at least another 100 years. Also, Baseball is one of the most profitable sports that has ever existed for you. Because you can buy baseball cards and hold them for a while and you see the value of those cards skyrocket. Or you can go to a baseball game and catch a Home Run Baseball, and instantly have that ball be worth well over 1 million dollars. And you can even get an autographed signature on a baseball bat, or a glove and have that item worth a lot of money in a short time. So how do you position yourself?

You position yourself by going to every game you get a chance to, and try to make baseball news by catching a ball or have your favorite player sign you an autograph. Also you can begin a tradition with your son and daughter, and even pass along a brand new tradition for your generation to come. And get to know as much as you can about baseball, like this trivia here that I just gave you to answer. And believe me you will be a hero to your co workers, your friends and your loved ones. And if you ' re looking for something fun to do at your next party or family event? Why not try give this trivia to your know it all uncle or father in law? It is entertaining, exciting and everyone can get involved. Age, sex and the number of people does not matter. Trivia is for everyone and it can be played anywhere.

And to help you even more and get you on your way : Did you know?.

1. Did you know The Phillies of 1961 lost a record 23 straight games?.

2. Did you know, the Mets of 1962 lost 120 games, a single season record?.

3. Did you know, Gaylord Perry was the only Pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues. He won it with the Indians in 1972, and the Padres in 1978?.

4. Did you know, Satchel Paige, who was 59 years old when he pitched for Kansas city in 1965, has been the oldest player to play in the major leagues?.

5. Did you know Diomedes Olivo, was 41 when he broke in with the 1960 Pirates. Two years later, at 43, he appeared in 62 games and was 5-1?.

Have Fun And enjoy your Baseball News and Triple Play System with all your Fantasy Baseball, and with your Baseball fun bettings. Win everyday with all your Baseball decisions, and empower yourself with acess to Baseball secrets. By Dr. James Dazouloute

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Dr. James Dazouloute Has Been Involved In Helping Families For Over 10 Years With All Their Life Events Situation. Such As: Self Empowerment, Mind Elevation, How To Protect Your Home, Ways Not to Get Kidnapped, Way To Avoid Scams, Avoiding Traffic Tickets, How To Get Rich By Having People Join You In Every Endeavor, How To Truly Stay Healthy, How To Start A Business, How To Save Your Love Life Through Counseling,Etc...

Dr. James Dazouloute Holds A PHD And A Doctorate Degrees In 2 Fields, And Is A National Leader, Educator, Counselor And Activist. Working To Fight Injustice, Ignorance And Poverty In All Forms. He Is A Serial Entrepreneur Who Has been Involved In Several Start-ups. He Loves Business, Self Development And Have Had A Life-long Fascination With Spirituality And Technology.


Dr. James Dazouloute Being From The Dictatorship And Impoverished Nation Of Haiti, He Himself understands First Hand Injustice, And Poverty Of All Forms. And So His Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Families Not To Be Living In Lack Of Anything, But To Truly Empower Them To Become Wealthy And Prosperous.

The Super Bowl: The World's Biggest Sports Super Show

Author: Tobiasz Rutkowski

After its founding in 1920, the NFL withstood several rival leagues before the AFL began play in 1960. The powerful and aggressive war for performers and fans led to stern discussions among the two leagues in 1966. Super Bowl was created as part of the union contract between the National Football League (NFL) and its reasonable rival, the American Football League (AFL).
The name comes from a college football game, which began in Pasadena, California, in 1902, was later named Tournament of Roses, and moved to the Rose Bowl Stadium in 1923. Pasadena Arena was named "Rose", since it was built to host the Competition of Roses football game and "Bowl" because it look like a bowl. Representing confusion between its location and the contest itself, the Competition of Roses quickly became known as the Rose Bowl. Taking advantage of the popularity of Rose Bowl stadium and the university contest game of the same name, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl football games were created in 1935 followed by the Cotton Bowl in 1937. Thus, "Bowl" became the standard definition and other "bowl games" were also created.
After the NFL and AFL merged, each league was renamed and then the game was played among the champions of the conference.

The day on which the Super Bowl is held is now named the "Super Bowl Sunday". It is the second biggest day of food ingesting in the U.S., after Thanksgiving. Moreover, Super Bowl has often been the most watched television show of the year. Super Bowl XLV which was played in 2011 television was the most watched in U.S. antiquity, drawing an usual audience of 111 million viewers. Super Bowl is also among the most watched sporting events in the world, mainly because of the North American public.

Due to the increasing viewership, advertising time figures to show Super Bowl is the most expensive of the year. Given the high cost of Super Bowl advertising investment, production companies regularly advertise their most expensive programs for the show. Therefore, observing and discussing the show's advertisements has become an important aspect of the event. Also, many popular singers and musicians performed at the event, before the game and during halftime ceremonies.

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